The Northlake Fire Protection District provides pre-hospital medical care at the paramedic level.

The District currently operates one fully equipped ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance and has life support equipment on both engines. The paramedics that serve the District are fully licensed through the Loyola Emergency Medical Services System. In addition, all full-time Northlake Firefighters are at minimum certified Emergency Medical Technicians while most are paramedics.

Training in the medical field is an ongoing process. Through Loyola, training sessions are scheduled at the fire station on a monthly basis. To keep certification current, the paramedics and firefighters must complete the required training.

The District is concerned with your privacy in the disclosure of medical information. We follow the rules of the Health Insurance Portability Privacy Act (HIPPA) which limits the way your medical information may be used. You can find the privacy notice in the side bar of this page.

If you have questions regarding a bill you received for Ambulance Services, please call Paramedic Billing Services at (630) 530-8827.