Commercial Knox Box

What is a Knox Box and why might I need one?

The Northlake Fire District strongly recommends that all area businesses purchase and install a Knox Box. 

The Knox Box provices the firefighters immediate access to the interior of the building in response to a fire or trouble alarm. Without the box access, forcible entry must be made.

Guidelines for New Knox Box Installation

Purchase of Box

The Northlake Fire Protection District can accommodate box types in the 3200 series. The box may be ordered online through the Knox Company. When making your purchase, please choose from within the 3200 series.


Install or mount the box/boxes within close proximity to the door(s) in which the key will open. Ensure that the box is at least five feet above ground level but at a height easily accessible in an emergency situation.


When the box is mounted or installed, please call the station at (708) 562-3182. Arrangements will be made for the on-duty shift to meet you on site and place the key in the Knox Box. Please do not bring the key to the station, we will come to you.

Emergency Contact Sheet

An Emergency Contact Form should be completed. The form is used to contact the building owner or designee in the event that the fire department has been alerted either by phone or alarm panel to a possible emergency situation in the building. If the fire department enters your building with the key in the Knox Box, the first person on the contact sheet will be notified by our dispatch center, NORCOMM Public Safety. If the first person cannot be reached the dispatch center will try reaching the others listed. Please fax the completed form directly to NORCOMM at 847-451-1713.

Please keep NORCOMM informed. As changes occur within you organization, you may wish to update the emergency contacts that you have listed.